About Barndrømmen

Barndrømmen was founded in 2010 by Dorthe Foged, the former Director of The Danish Cultural Institute in the UK. Barndrømmen’s objective is to reach those children and young people in Denmark who rarely or never have the opportunity to participate in cultural events in their every day lives.

We therefore create cultural activities and events for children and young people within all the arts in national collaboration with well-known artists, cultural institutions, professionals within the relevant areas and many volunteers from all over Denmark.

Barndrømmen wish to give children new possibilities through cultural projects which will strengthen their well-being, creativity, love of learning and innovative abilities.

Thousands of young people from all over Denmark have been invited to various events within art and culture since the start of Barndrømmen. It is only possible to create these activities due to the many foundations, trusts, funds and companies who have supported Barndrømmen’s initiatives.

In august 2015 Barndrømmen was awarded the Danish ’Gerdapris’ for its work in enabling children to access art and cultural activities. This award is given every second year by the Danish organisation fobu to institutions or associations working within education who have carried out a particular initiative and/or developed new workable methods.

In 2014 we entered into collaboration with Children & the Arts UK, which was founded by HRH the Prince of Wales, to network, exchange knowledge and get inspiration from each other as we are similar in our objectives to bring the arts to children for whom it is not possible to experience the many-faceted world of art and culture.

In 2016 Barndrømmen will launch a national project called Go Creative www.gocreative.dk developed in partnership with a team of professionals, artists and creative concept developers to work with in schools with children aged between 5 – 13 and will through cultural, creative, innovative end entrepreneurial projects encourage them to dream, enable them to think out of the box and thereby strengthen their action competencies when following their dreams. Go Creative resources will assist in building creative equality-forming collaborations between children from underprivileged backgrounds and children from other better positioned backgrounds and thus develop a sense of self-esteem. The project will be permanent and will be marked annually by an event on the birthday of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Founder of Barndrømmen, Dorthe Foged


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